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The 576 Growth Fund is designed to allow investors to be invested in the stock market without having to worry about the possibility of sustaining catastrophic losses. This hedged equity strategy is designed to help our clients meet their investment goal of long term capital appreciation by allowing them to be invested in a portfolio of companies that offer superior opportunities for growth.

We have three objectives. The first is to invest in stocks of companies that are innovators either in an established industry or are forerunners in an emerging industry. The second is to invest in companies that we believe will benefit from a long term demographic trend- like the aging of the Baby Boomers.

The third is to limit losses so that our clients don’t have to worry what will happen if there is a severe decline in the market.

*This is an investment in a private equity fund and some investors may not qualify for participation.

Please Contact HMS for More Information on the 576 Family of Funds